Why Choose Us

Professional Wooden Pallets Manufacturer

We are one of the largest wooden pallets manufacturers in Malaysia, specializing in Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL). Wooden pallets are well known as the top choice in the manufacturing industries for its effective costs, life time, customization and reliability.

With decade of experience and in-depth knowledge, we come out with a variety of wooden pallets of different sizes and quantity to meet the international standards and market needs. Besides, we also produce Mixed Hardwood (MHW) pallets with optional Pine Wood pallets, which is believed to be the trend of the market in the future.

WHY Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Volumetric of LVL material are more costly compared to sawn timber as LVL is processed wood whereas sawn timber is natural resource. With advantages of precision, consistency as well as utility ratio, the effective cost per pallets would be very close to sawn timber (MHW & PINE).

LVL Pallets require Heat Treatment or fumigation techniques for export procedure.

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is categorized as Plywood. According to ISPM15 “Exempted Article”, ISPM15 requirement excludes plywood because LVL or Plywood are process wood, there is no additional heat treatment or marking requirement.


LVL material is engineered with dimensional precision. It allows accuracy and precision of our pallets & crate products as per drawing provided. Higher precision allows us to produce a higher quality of pallets & crates, which are highly demanded in the industries.


LVL material is available consistently. We are able to commit a high volume of LVL pallets supplies consistently with less influence by weather or any seasonal effects. Consistency of wooden supplies can keep our efficient production of pallets & crates.

Utility Ratio

Our LVL material is designed and engineered for a higher utilization of wood with less manufacturing wastage. It possesses average utility ratio up to 98% of material. With higher utility ratio, we can manage our material costs of pallets and crates more effectively.


With a wealthy experience of more than 10 years in wooden pallets and crates engineering and manufacturing, we are highly reliable and trustworthy manufacturer in the industries. To be successful, it’s not only because of our valuable experience, but also our management and the way we expand our business. Below are the 4 main key reasons of why we become so professional and great.

Concept Management
Our team of operation management practises analysis and diagnose supply chain cause and effect in achieving cost management objective as well as the productivities objective. Complexity of pallets supply chain requires the analysis of internal effect and external effect continuously in accomplishing supply chain goal.
We comply ISO-certified training with Quality commitment from top management to our unit of production. Supply-chain commitment is well-managed with concept of Just-In-Time inventory system management despite fluctuation material supply-chain challenges. All these efforts are to ensure the high standards for supply chain quality and efficiency.
Well and professional trainings in customer-oriented collaboration are provided to our team of operation management to maintain the consistency of first-rate quality and face any quantity supply-chain challenges. Close-collaboration is always our key communication with customer to achieve mutual-understanding of problems and solutions options.
We offer and emphasize customized designs, unique packaging as well as personalized supply-chain-solution. We are known to be well-managed creatively to achieve optimized efficiency further to cost efficiency. Our continuous technical improvement is targeted to maximize creativity and innovation in pallets industries.