It can be easily lifted in all four dimension (front, back, left, right) using lifting tools such as folk-life and hand jack.
Ideally for product need to be transport and lifted from many sides due to space and speed concern. Mainly for storage management.

It uses a frame of 3 parts to form as a 4 ways pallet which are:

  • Top deck
  • Stringer board
  • Support plank
  • Block and bottom plank

For reversible pallet, extra frame need to be added at the bottom.

Design for two way / four way wooden pallet:

  • Single deck – only one deck can be used.
  • Reversible pallet – both top deck and bottom deck can be used.

From the design of pallet can be made for:-

  • Light weight: single usage light stacking and light racking.
  • Medium weight: Single usage or multiple usage, average stacking and racking.
  • Heavy weight pallet: single usage or multiple usage, best for stacking and racking.

Additional detail arrangement can be cater to meet your requirement:

  • Polish on plank – clean and smooth surface.
  • Chamfering – to ease hand jack to enter.
  • Anti sharp edge – to minimize damages.
  • Colour Marking – for identification record purposes.