Two way wooden pallet also known as Beam Pallet or Stringer pallet

It can be lifted by two sides (front and back) using lifting tools such as hand jack or folk-lift.

A frame of 3 parts is used to build, which is top deck, stringer and bottom deck.

Design for two way / four way wooden pallet:

  • Single deck – only one deck can be used.
  • Reversible pallet – both top deck and bottom deck can be used.

From the design of pallet can be made for:-

  • Light weight: single usage light stacking and light racking.
  • Medium weight: Single usage or multiple usage, average stacking and racking.
  • Heavy weight pallet: single usage or multiple usage, best for stacking and racking.

Additional detail arrangement can be cater to meet your requirement:

  • Polish on plank – clean and smooth surface.
  • Chamfering – to ease hand jack to enter.
  • Anti sharp edge – to minimize damages.
  • Colour Marking – for identification record purposes.
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