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MyPallet is one of the Wooden Pallet Supplier Malaysia, we supply all kind of pallets, from plywood pallet, pinewood pallet, mixed wood pallet, plastic pallet, export pallet LVL pallet and others
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Wooden Pallet Crate

We offer wooden packing boxexport packing box mainly to facilitate in keeping the products in the protected environment with a wooden shield to keep it safer.


We offer wooden packing box, export packing box mainly to facilitate in keeping the products in the protected environment with a wooden shield to keep it safer.
While varies option of wood to balance between the level of protection and price.
These custom wooden boxes/crate is one of the best way to provide covered protection during transit from point to point.
Easy and fast to manufacture from a set of design, based on your specification compare with other methods.

Features of Wooden Packing Box:

  • Easy to handle & stacked
  • Higher storage capacity
  • Secure and sturdy –provide excellent protection