Wooden Pallet Supplier Malaysia for Export | LVL Pallets Manufacturer - MyPallets.com.my | About the company
MyPallet is one of the Wooden Pallet Supplier Malaysia, we supply all kind of pallets, from plywood pallet, pinewood pallet, mixed wood pallet, plastic pallet, export pallet LVL pallet and others
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About MyPallets

With our passion and enthusiasm  in delivering customer required pallets, Mypallets.com.my has been serving several international companies to meet their daily freight exporting worldwide.

MyPallets Bungalow Factory Semenyih
Mission Statement - MyPallets Wooden Pallet Manufacturer

Our mission

Mypalles.com.my mission is to be the leader in the industry with dedication on standards and complete commitment, quality, productivity and customer satisfaction

Vision Statement - MyPallets Wooden Pallet Manufacturer

Our vision

MyPallets.com.my strives to be the preferred and most competent pallet supplier with the strongest brand within pallet industry worldwide.